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About the game

        William Blackwood, one of the most ruthless soldiers of the Confederacy, was betrayed by his comrades, but miraculously saved by a woman. She became the one who melted his stone heart. 

    They lived a peaceful life until a dreadful illness swept through the wild west. Unfortunately, it affected the "Butcher" family, and now we need to find a cure and save our family in his role. 


He must save them.


  • A map with free movement.
  • Many possible developments.
  • Dark atmosphere.
  • The main character is a sullen cowboy who doesn't say a word.
  • NPCs react to your actions and remember them.




Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Quiet West: Butcher noose - win 158 MB
Quiet West: Butcher noose - mac 164 MB
Quiet West: Butcher noose - linux 148 MB
Quiet West: Butcher noose - Android 257 MB


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don't think that the map is accessible.

You're right, the map is not suitable for blind people, but the game tags don't say "Game for blind people." Unfortunately :(

but, are all buttons labelled for that to work?

are your games blind accessible?

I think it's possible to play through the game blind to some extent. This is a quest with text, every renpy game has a bot that speaks the text

Its cool to see after the last game cowboy theme only grown with developers ambitions anb become something unique. I wish developer all the best 

It was a good experience. I haven't enjoyed such a short game in a long time. It was very interesting to play and discover the ending. Some pretty interesting points were raised. I am very glad!

Thank you very much for your comment;
we appreciate our players!

It's a pretty weird game. It is made in ren'py, but has nothing in common with other visual novels. This is amazing! 

What I liked about this game:
1. The novelty of the gameplay. You have to walk around the locations and look for more and more new ways of passing.
2. Characters react to almost everything you do. I somehow picked up the key and began to threaten one character. He laughed at me and sent me to hell. He wasn't as bold when I picked up the gun.
3. After getting the revolver, the game changes. Even the music and the appearance of the character! You start to feel like the most important person in the whole fucking wild west.

There are other cool things, but I don't want to spoil them, because they are related to the plot.

What I didn't like about the game:
1. Map! When you go to the east, and then want to go back to the west, then you end up in a completely different place! You don't understand anything almost all the time you spend in this game. Only a miracle can help you remember everything and go where you need to go, and not where the game leads you.
2. The plot is too deep. After playing through this game, I did not understand the ending at all. What the hell happened there? Why did everything suddenly become psychedelic? Though maybe I'm just being dumb...